Ruin Book One: The Tent City

RUIN, Book One: The Tent City, the first of a multi-dimensional publishing event by Isobel Noble, is a glorious collage of adventure, futuristic fiction, fascinating and unforgettable characters – heroes, heroines, villains, ordinary people portrayed so vividly that they spring to life, grow and blossom with every turn of the page. There are scenes of scorching and beautiful eroticism that will inflame your imagination.

Yet The Tent City is also a work of vision, philosophy, and depth that is a tribute to the incomparable spirit and unquenchable courage of the human race.

Best of all, there are more volumes to come!

Few books offer the kind of magic that opens our eyes to sights we have never seen and our minds to realms we could never reach on our own. RUIN is one of those books.

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